Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment

Perio Protect® is a non-surgical treatment for periodontal disease, gum disease and gingivitis.

Previously, patients with gum disease could expect to lose their teeth at an early age. Surgical treatments were developed and are still used to prevent this, but these bacterial infections are not always able to be stopped. Today, dentists can have much better success rates if there is early treatment, which can also have the advantage of being non-surgical. As your Petaluma dentist, Dr. Johnson can implement non-surgical treatment by using the Perio Protect® system.

A special mouthpiece is filled with an antibiotic cleansing solution and placed over the teeth. The mouthpiece holds the solution in such a way that it is kept in contact with the areas where the teeth meet the gums, allowing for maximum penetration to the infection. After your first in office treatment you will also be given at-home care instructions. Periodontal disease can be difficult to detect in the early stages so if you are in the Colorado Springs, call today!