Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is a bacterial infection affecting the gums. This is brought on by plaque buildup on the teeth, as well as food particles left by improper brushing. While they may start as a relatively minor irritation, these infections can quickly become more serious as they deteriorate the gums and other supporting tissues. For this reason it is vitally important to prevent these infections from forming, and the best way is by scheduling six months cleanings. When the infections are too deep, they cannot be treated with regular brushing. In these cases the gums must be opened and the infection removed via periodontal surgery.

To avoid this intensive procedure, a new technology using laser therapy is available. During this procedure we will use a special laser to penetrate the gums and kill the infection. This has a dramatically reduced healing period since there is no physical cutting of gum tissue, and is therefore very beneficial to the patient. For laser treatment of periodontal disease, contact us today.

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Painless Biological Dentistry – NO Shot Necessary

Without WaterLase®

Why the Drill Makes Anesthetic Necessary

The drill works with friction, which causes heat and triggers pain. This necessitates injection with anesthetic and numb lips, and opens the possibility for thermal damage. The drill also causes vibration and macrofractures that can allow bacteria to penetrate causing further decay.

With WaterLase®

Why WaterLase® Can Be Painless

WaterLase® uses a unique, powerful interaction of our patented YSGG laser wavelength and proprietary water/air spray that cuts, etches and shapes target tissues without contact, heat, vibration or pressure. WaterLase® is also highly effective for gums, skin, bone – more precise and less bleeding than a scalpel!

Why WaterLase®

Are you scared of going to the dentist because you’ll hear the dreaded drill screeching in your ear? Or maybe you are terrified of the needle — and who likes leaving the dental office with a droopy or puffy face? These dental fears can be minimized by our doctors. The WaterLase® is a dental laser that enables the dentist to use minimal and in some cases even no anesthetic or drills to perform many routine dental procedures!

The WaterLase® combines water, air and laser energy for safe use on human tissue in the mouth. Our teeth are partially made up of water and when the laser makes contact with the tooth it excites the water molecules to cut through the tooth. Since the laser continuously sprays out water it keeps the tooth hydrated preventing heat and giving you a virtually pain free experience!

It’s More Convenient

Even for those who floss, brush and use fluoride regularly, sometimes you still end up with a cavity. Between work, school, and children, plus everything else, there is no time to schedule another dental appointment. Now you don’t have to worry because your WaterLase® dentist can do it all at the same time. Since it’s less likely you will need an injection to fill your cavity, your dentist can do multiple simple procedures in a single visit! A WaterLase® dentist can save you the hassle of going to a specialist because they can perform a wide variety of procedures.

Lasers for use in dermatology, ophthalmology and cosmetics have been around for years and so has the WaterLase®. The WaterLase® is cleared for numerous dental applications which can be performed on both pediatric and adult patients.

What is great about the WaterLase® is how precise it is! Regular dental drills rely on removing large amounts of tooth to get the job done, and the constant grinding and spinning of a drill bur can cause cracks and pain. The WaterLase®, on the other hand, removes very precise amounts of tooth, without damaging or cracking the rest of the tooth! And because it is so precise, you will rarely need anesthetic!

If you have ever had food poisoning, you know what cross-contamination is: encountering bacteria where you don’t expect it. The potential for cross-contamination between patients in any dental or medical environment is a real and widely documented risk.

WaterLase® has the potential to reduce this risk. It works without contact to the tooth and the dentist can operate with single-use, disposable tips so you don’t have to worry about what might have been in someone else’s mouth.

Our practice offers WaterLase® because we feel it improves the quality of our dentistry. Often using WaterLase® allows our doctors to be more productive – avoiding the delay of waiting for anesthetic to take effect, enabling the dentist to do more procedures during one appointment, and making it possible for our dentists to perform procedures that used to be referred out to specialists. This saves you and the dentist time and money!

Imagine that – high-tech dentistry that costs the same as conventional dentistry.

For a dental choice that is both safe and precise, call 719-527-9098.

* Discomfort is based on individual sensitivity to pain, and other factors. Not all patients can be treated painlessly without anesthetic. However, dentists using WaterLase® to perform typical cavity preparations report not using anesthetic in the majority of cases.