First Visit

During your one-hour appointment with Dr. Johnson, you will have an oral exam, oral cancer screening, a TMJ evaluation, and a periodontal evaluation. A full-mouth series of X-rays will be taken so that Dr. Johnson can accurately diagnose your current dental condition.

During your appointment, the doctor will address any emergency needs or areas of discomfort, and you will have time with the doctor to discuss his findings and your concerns. Our office staff will then work with you to set appointments for your cleaning and any needed treatment.

A Note for Those with Dental Insurance

Most insurance policies allow reimbursement for either a full-mouth series of X-rays or a panoramic X-ray once every three to five years. Regardless of the limitations of your policy, it is impossible for the doctor to appropriately or accurately diagnose without current X-rays.

If you have had a diagnostic-quality, full-mouth series of X-rays or a panoramic X-ray taken at another dental office within the past year for which your insurance has paid, please obtain a copy or copies of the X-ray(s) and bring them to your appointment.

Our Mission

This practice is dedicated to uplifting mankind by improving the health, appearance and well-being of the people it serves. We further dedicate our professional lives to treating the causes of dental diseases rather than simply the effects. Our pledge to you is honesty, integrity and excellence. We look upon you as unique individuals of infinite worth, both to God and to those who love and need you. Through our care and concern for you, we will affirm that worth.

Commitment to Treatment Policy

We believe that all treatment initiated should be completed. Incomplete treatment leads to problems, complications, misunderstandings and further disease. Therefore, as a treatment plan is agreed upon and started, it needs to be completed.

Commitment to Appointment Policy

An appointment written in our schedule with your name on it is a bond of trust that we will be here to serve you, and you will be present for that appointment. Our office policy is firm in this regard, and we cannot accept frequent cancellations, constant short notice changes or late arrivals. We must have a mutual respect for each other’s time, so that everyone can receive the same quality care.

New Patient Forms

You may access our sign in for new patient forms to assist us with your care. Please print and fill out each form, then bring them to your first appointment at Johnson DDS.